Pipeline overviewΒΆ


These instructions are outdated and only valid for prefactor 3.2 or older. Please check the recent instructions page.

Prefactor is organized in three major parts to process LOFAR data:


Processes the (amplitude-)calibrator to derive direction-independent corrections. See Calibrator pipeline for details.


Transfers the direction-independent corrections to the target and does direction-independent calibration of the target. See Target pipeline for details.


Concatenates the single-subband target data retrieved from the LTA into bands suitable for further processing with the initial-subtract pipeline. See Concatenate pipeline for details.


Images the full FoV (and 1st side-lobe), generating a sky-model and subtracting it from the visibilities. See Initial-subtract pipeline for details.


Images the full FoV using the full bandwidth. See Image pipeline for details.