Version 5.0

  • New target workflow for LBA observations

  • New self-calibration mode for HBA observations

  • Better control of resources used

  • Optimised performance and flagging strategies for aoflagger implemented

  • Added options to skip Ateamclipping or plotting the structure function

  • Use GSSC instead of CODE as a default source for RMextract.

Version 4.0

  • First re-written version of the pipeline based on the Common Workflow Language (CWL)

  • Additional diagnostics (UV-plots and summary file) and improved logging

  • Full software is based on python3

  • Easy-to-use with integrated Docker support

  • Pipeline was renamed into LOFAR Initial Calibration (LINC) Pipeline

  • Semi-automated demixing and clipping procedure

  • Documentation moved to

Version 3.2 (last version based on the genericpipeline framework)

  • Several bugfixes and minor improvements

  • Added high-resolution models for increased compatibility if using data including long baselines

  • Option to add back missing stations for the use with long-baseline data

  • Automated selection of the reference antenna

Version 3.0

  • Major overhaul of calibrator and target pipelines to support LBA and HBA data

  • Addition of production versions of calibrator, target, and image pipelines

  • Documentation moved to

Version 2.0

  • applying Ionospheric RM corrections

  • grouping of subbands by actual frequency

  • speed and disk usage improvements by optimized usage of DP3

  • (optional) wide-band cleaning in Initial-Subtract

  • more diagnostic plots

  • documentation moved to GitHib wiki:

  • automatic selection of calibrator sky model

  • automatic generation of TGSS sky model

Version 1.0

  • First release of the Pre-Facet-Calibration pipeline